They did it! The Phillies broadcast actually did something creative! Don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming!

During Wednesday’s game against the Reds NBC Sports Philly introduced a “Keith Hernandez approved” graphic for when a Phillie makes an impressive defensive play:

This is all I was talking about when I wrote about the Mets broadcast lapping NBC Sports. Spice it up a little bit. Stop giving us the same graphic packages and same broadcast all the time. Be creative with what you’re given and they did exactly that.

Now, my only gripe is this took a week to come up with. That’s like two months in Internet time. Plus this would have been an even better debut during the Mets series last weekend. The Internet moves fast. We’re done worrying about Keith Hernandez and now wondering why ESP is packing spaghetti next to his underwear. It’s a start, though.

Listen, do I take full credit for this? Absolutely not. Someone in the production room has to come up with the idea. Do I take some? Absolutely. Nick M’s head didn’t pop up off the pillow ready to give us the best broadcast we’ve ever seen. If it did, he wouldn’t have trotted out the same graphics packages and the same broadcast for so long. He got complacent. It happens. Until I stepped in. I’m like the stud QB drafted in the first round and he’s the former All-Pro franchise QB with three years left on his deal. I lit a fire under his ass. When I called him out you don’t think the next day he wanted to shove it down my throat? Absolutely. He subtweeted the shit out of me:

I’m the Jordan Love to his Aaron Rodgers and maybe we’ll see a late-season MVP push by the ‘ol gunslinger. Or am I Jalen Hurts to his Carson Wentz? Cause that might not work out for either of us.