Why Did John Calipari’s Buddy Change His Father Judge Shirt at Halftime?

via SEC Network

We had a Father Judge sighting down in the Bahamas:

According to sources, he’s Jerry Haffey, a wealthy CEO, and a good friend of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari:

In the second half the camera flashed to Cal again, and there was a complete Haffey wardrobe change. Choosing to no longer show his allegiance to Father Judge, he decided to rock a black polo:

via SEC Network 

So what gives? Well the Father Judge shirt had an Adidas logo on it, and per Diramk.com, Kentucky is a Nike school. Can’t have that on camera. God forbid a kid in the bluegrass state is watching Kentucky dominate Dominicana and sees Jerry Haffey wearing an Adidas logo. Can’t have an influencer like Big Jer rocking an Adidas logo. They might sell a couple more pairs of socks.

Another thing, how about Jer being sent to his room to change? You want to talk brands? The Father Judge one has been turned on its head. It might never recover because of Jerry Haffey. I thought Judge guys were all macho men. They took no shit. Full of piss and vinegar. You don’t like it? Deal with it. The manliest a human being could possibly be while wearing powder blue sweaters. Jerry just turned his back on the neighborhood. You never turn your back on family. No chance his buddies let him live this down at Irish Weekend this year.

Kinkead: looks like Haffey is on the Father Judge board, and is a member of their Hall of Fame –