Zach and Julie Ertz welcomed a new baby boy into the world today. He’s clocking in at 8.2 pounds and 22 inches. We’ll get his 3 cone drill numbers shortly. The couple named him Madden. He’s a cute kid. I know you have to say that even if the kid comes out ugly, but genuinely that’s a cute kid:

Madden 23 releases tomorrow. How fast do you get the new game into Zach and Julie’s hands? I wouldn’t be shocked if the new Madden ends up in their mailbox every year. That’s just a good business decision. So what, Madden hasn’t made any significant changes since they introduced the Hit Stick back in 2005? Free is free.

Listen, I don’t want to put any pressure on this kid since he’s only seven days old, but if he’s not an elite pro athlete leading the Eagles to the Super Bowl or capturing the World Cup trophy for USMNT that’s kind of a disappointment right? I don’t make the rules. You were produced by elite sperm.