A.J. Brown Went to the Blue Medical Tent Because He Had to Relieve Himself

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The “blue medical tent” triggers me worse than anything in the world. It reminds me of the post-Super Bowl seasons where it seemed like there were so many Eagles going in there that they needed to set up a waiting room on the sidelines.

As such, A.J. Brown approaching the blue medical tent on Monday night was concerning, but we got this explanation after the game:

Gonna need more detail here. Did he piss in a bottle? Did he just aim for the grass in the corner? Is there a Port-O-John in there? Did he actually have to take a dump instead? The tweet mentions an IV, so I’m just making the assumption here that he was loaded up in the hydration department and went #1 and not #2, but you never know.

The good thing is that if Brown heads to the medical tent in week 3, we can rest assured, because maybe he’s not injured but just needs to empty the ole bladder. He is, after all, a #1 receiver <rim shot>