Alright, an actual blog post about Ben Simmons that isn’t litigating his interview with JJ Redick. The Old Man and the Three put out a clip where Ben Simmons detailed his conversation with Doc Rivers before his first practice back. The practice he got kicked out of:

Austin Rivers hopped in the comments and responded back to a user who took Ben’s comments in the clip as truth:

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter if this is the NBA or you, the reader, in your everyday life. How many times have you had a disagreement and you think a story was one way while the person on the other side of the argument thinks it was another? It happens all the time. We’re getting Ben’s side of things. The Sixers have their own version. Doc has his side, Joel Embiid has his, and even Rivers has his from a secondary account. We’re never going to know 100% what actually happened during these conversations. I mean, look how the Ime Udoka story has done a complete 180 in less than 48 hours. This whole thing was a mess and now we can add Redick’s interview to the pile of shit.