Ben Simmons will Appear on JJ Redick’s Podcast

practice video screen grab


There are only two outcomes here. This will either be super-interesting or totally suck. There is no in-between. Either we’ll have content for days or Ben will say absolutely nothing of importance.

So many topics to cover, though. Did Ben quit on the Sixers? Was the mental health angle bullshit? How much of your salary did you receive in settlement? Are you really a point guard? Did Doc Rivers throw you under the bus? Do you hate Joel Embiid?

One thing worth noting here is that Ben is going on another (retired) player’s podcast. This player happens to be a former teammate, but it’s a strong reminder of the shift in sports media over the years. Why talk to the media when you can work off independent, player-controlled platforms instead? Draymond Green does a podcast, so there’s less importance in questions from John Doe of the (insert city name here) Post. This is a forum where Ben is likely going to feel more comfortable because he believes (I assume) that J.J. and company aren’t out to get him, or ask unfair shit.

Stay tuned for this one. I’m actually off Thursday, though, so Pagan can write the blog post.