Bobby Mush:

Save that tweet for the when the Phillies go on a skid and things start to look hairy. We can blame Bobby “the Mush” Nightengale for being a jinx. Put him in the bathroom! (I think I used that joke already this week, but it’s a good one).

Anyway, the story is behind a paywall, but apparently this Bryce Harper quote exists within (h/t Destiny Lugardo for pulling it) –

Maybe. The Phillies are about to fall down the pecking order, and it’s not because of the Phillies, it’s because the Eagles are just that big. Think about it; you’ve got folks obsessing over Jalen Hurts training camp stats when the local baseball team is going on a fantastic run. Our priorities are all ass-backwards in July and August.

The Phils will get the attention of “four for four” casuals after Labor Day, but outside of people who call the Fightins their #1 team, they’re going to take a big back seat for the time being.

This will be a great September and October for WIP though. Holy cow. They’ve got the radio rights for an Eagles team that is poised to win 10+ games and a Phillies team that currently holds the second Wild Card spot. Buckle up boys and girls.