Britain Covey Had to Park in a Tailgate Lot Because Eagles Attendants Didn’t Think He Was a Player

via @danadams_46 on Twitter

According to Howard Eskin, Britain Covey couldn’t get into the player’s parking lot on Monday night because the attendants didn’t believe he actually played for the team:

I can’t even blame the parking lot attendants. Look at Britain Covey in this video next to Jalen Hurts after beating the Lions:

Is that a NFL punt returner or some special teams coach’s kid wearing compression pads and armbands?

Covey later confirmed it was him after some Eagles fans tailgating spotted him and took a picture:

Listen, there’s one way to resolve this. Rattle off a couple punt returns for TDs and everyone will know who you are.

The ironic part of the story is Covey was nicknamed “old man” on the team at Utah because he didn’t graduate until he was 25 after taking a two-year LDS mission. He even used to dance in the locker room with an old man beard after wins: