What a visual. Just two Swing Gods chopping it up over the techniques of hitting. Top hand vs. bottom hand. Cholly or Mr. 406. Who you got? –

The Cuz, writing for the Inky/Daily News back in the day, shed more light on the story:

Back in ’69, inside the lobby bar at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., with the Swing God himself. Ted Williams, then the Washington Senators’ manager, dropped a magazine to the floor, stood over it with his fists bridged and began lecturing. The strapping young ballplayer drank it down like a smooth whiskey. Even the part when a woman dug her high heel on the magazine, and Swing God angrily pushed her aside and sniped, “Get off our plate. Can’t you see? We’re talking hitting here.”

Shout out to Mrs. Manuel at the time, too. Not many wives let a couple of old friends tie one on while your daughter is singing for Nixon.

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Here’s the full Crossing Broadcast with Charlie today:

P.S. I know I said .408 in the clip. Sue me. I let the moment get too big and pissed down my leg. Sorry. I’m talking to a God damn living legend for God’s sake. The man who was responsible for getting me out of school sophomore year on Halloween. My brain was everywhere.