Dollar Dog Night is Here and it’s a Beautiful Day to Break a Record!

A bukkake of Rocky to get you jacked up to eat dollar meat tonight:

The Phillies have killed all momentum going into Dollar Dog Night. I’m not a conspiracy theory guy, but it’s like Phillies management told them to stink because they never wanted to reschedule a DDN to begin with:

But listen, this team is still good. John Middleton spent. They deserve to play in front of 30,000 fans with full bellies. Think of tonight as practice for the first home game of the NLDS. Right now, they’d face the Cardinals for three games in the Wild Card. They won the season series pretty handily.

If you’re going tonight, I’m going to need 5+ from you. I’m good for 10. I’m also buying 100 and tossing them out to people since the Phillies won’t let me launch dogs with the Phanatic. Real man of the people shit, I know.

It’s not going to be easy. We’re going to have to dig deep today. I’m convinced they salt the dogs to limit consumption and by the 6th you’re sweating and uncomfortable. You’re going to have to push through that. Get out of your comfort zone. Records aren’t easy, but they’re made to be broken. So when you think you can’t do another – buy another. That voice inside your head? The one that tells you no more? Quiet it down and let a louder voice say one more dog. One more dog! ONE MORE DOG!

I’ll see you down there. Let’s break some records.

Kinkead: #ReleaseTheDogs