Eagles Fans Who Fell Over Railing at FedEx Field Suing Dan Snyder and the Commanders

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The fans who fell over the shoddy railing in Dan Snyder’s House of Horrors last season, almost breaking Jalen Hurts’ leg, are suing Dan Snyder and the Commies:

According to the lawsuit, each person is seeking damages of $75k, writes John Keim from ESPN:

Four people injured at a game at FedEx Field last season when a railing collapsed filed a lawsuit against the Washington Commanders on Friday, seeking $300,000 in damages for physical and emotional suffering.

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court of Maryland, asks for an award “in excess” of $75,000 per person for “loss of income, medical expenses, pain and suffering.”

Other defendants include Washington Football Incorporated Stadium, which owns the property at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, where the Commanders play; Contemporary Services Corp., which provides ushers and security at the stadium; and Company Does, which provide inspection, repairs maintenance design and oversight.

Good for these guys. This is ashtray money to Dan Snyder. He spends $300,000 a year to fill up his super yacht he avoids the DOJ with. Even if this is a quick cash grab, you gotta tip your hat. Anytime you can hit a piece of shit billionaire like Snyder where it hurts you gotta. Look at all these injuries. Were they off at war or attending a football game? –

According to the suit, the plaintiffs — New Jersey residents Michael Naimoli, Andrew Collins, Morgan French and Marissa Santarlasci — continue to seek treatment for injuries suffered when they fell. Among the injuries they allegedly suffered: cervical strains, muscle strains, bone contusions, cuts, headaches and “other potential long-term effects, both physical and emotional.” Naimoli needed to wear a neck brace, attorney Bob Sokolove said. 

Love this guy with the neck brace. Milk that shit for as long as you can. Oh you fell five feet eight months ago? You’d be dumb not to show up in the neck brace to get sympathy points from the judge. Modern day Slipping Jimmy over here.  I mean the god damn railing was held together with zip ties:

The railing was not load-bearing — one section was held in place by using a zip tie — and therefore not designed to withstand hundreds of pounds leaning into it.

$75,000 might not be enough.

Kinkead: live look at the plaintiffs –