Eagles/Lions Season Opener will have Largest Detroit Crowd Since 2019

Photo Credit: © Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Lions will have their biggest home opener since 2019 and Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, and DeVonta Smith are going to ruin every single fan’s day:

How many of these tickets are held by Eagles fans? Not as many as you think.

I reached out to Phans of Philly, a company that specializes in travel packages for Eagles road games, and they said they sold 200+ tickets in the lower bowl. You’ve got Green Legion and Philly Sports Trips heading out to Michigan as well, but this won’t be a home game like it was in Vegas last year. Who can blame them though? It’s Detroit.

So I guess the Hard Knocks effect is real. The Lions are only 3.5 point dogs at most books. The line has barely moved since opening at four. I’m surprised it’s not hovering near a touchdown when you look at these two teams on paper. The Eagles significantly upgraded a team that waxed the Lions 44-6 last year. The Lions added Aidan Hutchinson and D.J. Chark. There’s a reason they’re on Hard Knocks. It’s because said team typically stinks. Every year HBO does a great job of polishing a turd. Over the last 10 years this is how every team on Hard Knocks performed:

  • 2021: Cowboys 12-5 (lost in WC round)
  • 2020: Rams 10-6 (lost in Divisional round) Chargers 7-9 (missed playoffs)
  • 2019: Raiders 7-9 (missed playoffs)
  • 2018: Browns 7-8 (missed playoffs)
  • 2017: Bucs 5-11 (missed playoffs)
  • 2016: Rams 4-12 (missed playoffs)
  • 2015: Texans 9-7 (lost WC round)
  • 2014: Falcons 6-10 (missed playoffs)
  • 2013: Bengals 11-5 (lost WC round)
  • 2012: Dolphins 7-9 (missed playoffs)

Only 4 of 11 teams have made the playoffs in that time. Dan Campbell’s team isn’t going to be the fifth. All these soundbites are going to be great. Lions fans are going to always remember the rah rah speeches of 2022. But if you watched Hard Knocks you know it, I know it, even Dan Campbell knows it. Hard Knocks can make anyone look good: