I had a couple of Eagles season ticket holders reach out on Wednesday because they think the 2022 gift is a little lame.

As you know, or perhaps don’t know, STH typically get a unique gift bag of sorts at the beginning of every year. It’s basically a “thanks for being a season ticket holder, here’s some cool shit” kind of thing. This year, it looks like STH got a reusable bag, a key chain schedule, some stickers, and a couple of sponsor coupons:

Hmm alright, well here are a couple of photos and you can judge for yourself:

Disclaimer: I’ve never been a season ticket holder for anything in my entire life, so I’m not sure how to feel about a STH gift. Does it matter? Does it not matter? It seems like something teams do just to show loyal customers that they’re appreciated. Maybe you come up with something that’s unique, like a limited-edition type of trinket or photo, some signed gear, a collectible piece of apparel, etc.

If you’re an Eagles STH, you’re not exactly hurting financially, and you don’t NEED this stuff, but it’s a nice perk and I think fans appreciate it when teams put together something cool. That said, most of the feedback for this gift has been negative.

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