Flyers Go Behind the Scenes at Training Camp with New Docuseries

Bag it to Broad


PHILADELPHIA (September 26, 2022) – Today the Philadelphia Flyers in-house content shop, On the Fly Productions, announced the launch of its newest docuseries The Standard. Following back-to-back seasons with extremely limited access due to COVID-19 restrictions, The Standard will give fans a new opportunity to peek behind the curtain as the docuseries takes them behind the scenes of this year’s training camp.

“Under Coach Tortorella’s leadership, this team is going to play with the kind of passion, determination, and grit that Flyers fans expect, and we want them to have an all-access pass to watch Torts and our team prepare for the season,” said Valerie Camillo, President and CEO of Spectacor Events and Entertainment. “The relationship between the Flyers and our fans is unlike any other, so the past two years have been particularly difficult with limited media access and restrictions that severely limited our players’ ability to interact with our fans. As we emerge from the pandemic, we are doing everything we can to reconnect, from providing behind the scenes access to our coaches and players to doing more than ever in our communities.”

Coming off the heels of the success of the team’s offseason digital series, Beyond the Boards, which provided a behind the scenes look into players’ offseason preparation, the series will continue to provide unprecedented access to Flyers players and coaches, particularly new head coach John Tortorella.

The Standard will consist of four, 12 minute episodes. Episode 1, “Setting the Standard,will give fans an inside look into Coach Tortorella’s opening meeting, Flyers media day, and the first two on-ice practice days of training camp.

The premier is 6 p.m. today, Tuesday, at Will Torts rip somebody’s head off? Which player will be next to suffer a debilitating, possibly-career-threatening injury? You’ll have to tune in to find out! (I’m told episode two is titled “Bag it to Broad” and episode three is tentatively titled “Tank Hard for Bedard).

On a more serious note, we do appreciate the behind the scenes look here. The Flyers are trying to do the right thing. They know this team is gonna stink worse than a Berks County trash fire, so they’re looking for anything they can to keep fans engaged and relatively sated. I do have to give Val Camillo credit for being at the forefront of the “bring back media access” movement, because for a league like the NHL, it’s important to get as many journos as possible in the building and share as many stories as possible. Push yourself into the conversation and stay relevant. Follow the NBA model.

Go Flyers!