We had current Panthers tight end and Temple alumnus Colin Thompson on Crossing Broadcast Tuesday. Before he came on, Kevin and I were saying that even though the Eagles won ugly on Sunday, it was still a road win, and the conversation continued with Colin:

I never really thought about the tight end position during a snap. It has to suck lining up against T.J. Watt while you have one eye on the ball, and if you jump offside you’re going to get chewed out by your position coach or benched. Good insight by Colin all around. Think about the teams who people think can be Super Bowl contenders that lost this week. Packers, 49ers, Bengals, Cowboys, Rams, and the Saints clawed back to beat the Falcons by one. Remember this stat? Underdogs were kicking ass up to Week 10 last year:

Check out the entire show. It was Rational Tuesday, which is the day after Overreaction Monday. Kevin and I are going to do our best to bring you back down to Earth no matter if you were happy with the Birds performance or wanted to puke: