Crazy story out of Georgia (the country) over the weekend. Furkan Korkmaz was ejected and then attacked in the hallway during Turkey’s double-OT loss after going noggin to noggin with some follicly-challenged Georgian:

When Furk was heading back to the locker room, he was attacked by Georgia players and security according to the VP of the Turkish federation, Omer Onan:

While Furkan Korkmaz was walking in the hallway to the locker rooms with our trainer, Georgia’s players who were not in the active roster attacked him together with the ejected player (ed.note: Duda Sanadze) and the police. There should not be an attack on the player that goes to the locker room. At the end of the match, 30 policemen each pushed us into a fight. We got into a fight with Georgia’s official police. I am calling out to FIBA and I have also told FIBA’s officials. Let no one deceive themselves or think that we are stupid. They will bring us all the camera footage from that corridor minute by minute without anything missing. If those cameras do not come to us, we will leave this tournament.

How about Georgia giving a roster spot to a couple of enforcers? Somewhere in heaven John Chaney is smiling ear to ear. (Kinkead – we should get Nehemiah Ingram on Crossing Broadcast)

Furkan gave his account of the events on Monday to Semi Tuna via Reminder to anyone in the NBA reading this for next season. You don’t talk shit on Furk’s face:

First he started talking shit to me, I am not anybody to talk shit on my face. I am not going to let that happen,” he said, “As part of the game, he is going to say something and you are going to say something back. İ reacted as a human being, as a man, I just showed a reaction.

There were no security measures whatsoever when I was going at locker’s room,” he recalled, “When we were going there, three players from them including Sanadze as well as two security guys, started to run at us. We started throwing punches at each other. Basically, it was a street fight. Five people attacked us, we defended ourselves.

It was such a scramble,” he added, “There were players from Georgia. The intention of the security guys was not good. They did not try to intervene in the events.

Listen, Furk’s career with the Sixers is in limbo. You know what gets your ass a roster spot? Fighting an entire country by yourself. The Sixers admitted they didn’t have enough dog in them last year. Now they have another to go along with PJ Tucker. Next year roles will be reversed in this picture:

But Georgia weren’t just playing dirty off the court, they were doing it on the court too. Look at this home cooking from the clock operator. Watch 22 seconds disappear during the fight while Turkey is down three:

Fights. Blatant cheating. White guys with oily hair hitting threes. Is this Keenan’s during the summer, or Eurobasket?