I Need Jerry Jones To Live Forever

via @jonmachota on Twitter

Jerry Jones needs to live forever. Starting fake quarterback controversies because he’s bored on a Thursday is why I’m all for stem cell research:

Imagine starting a QB controversy between a guy in year two of his $160 million deal and 28-year-old undrafted free agent. Thank god for Tony Romo’s success under center. Jerry’s brain is so warped by those 10 years that he thinks any undrafted QB from a mid-major can become a franchise QB.

My guy then doubled down comparing the situation to when Dak took over for Romo in 2016 after he was injured in Week 1:

The only problem is Romo was 36 years old and Dak is 29 and still in the prime of his career. So, now I’m rooting for Rush on Monday night just so Jerry makes this situation so toxic that Dak asks for a trade.