There’s an article from Ryan Messick at featuring some Seth Joyner quotes from a recent appearance on JAKIB Sports’ Sports Take show, the daily program with Barrett Brooks, Derrick Gunn, and Rob Ellis.

On the topic of first-round Eagles draft pick Jordan Davis, Joyner said this:

“He’s in the city of cheesesteaks and Tastykakes,” Joyner pointed out. “He played last year at 355 [pounds] in the National Championship game, then he got down to 340 [pounds] and went to the combine and just tore it up, ran a 4.78, which really excited everybody. It’d be real easy for the Eagles to be like, ‘Well he’s our number one draft pick and we’re not really going to stress him so much about his weight.’ If I was the D-line coach, if I had a say on it, I’d get his big ass down to about 320, I’d buy him a jump rope.”

“He’s got a lot of baby in him,” Joyner continued. “Man, when you look at him, he’s a young dude and he’s a momma’s boy, I’m pretty sure he likes sweet potato pies and all that kind of stuff.”

My first thought is “who gives a shit?” Let the guy play at his current weight and we’ll see how he does. If issues arise, you can work on his conditioning and fitness from there. Jordan Davis has looked pretty good from what we’ve seen at his current weight, so talking about sweet potato pie and calling the guy a momma’s boy seems condescending at this point in time. The guy hasn’t even played a full regular season NFL game.

I went back and found the segment to see if context helps the quotes, and it’s sort of meh. Joyner’s argument is framed on the idea that he wants Davis to be more than just a run stuffer. More than an A gap space eater, which makes sense. Obviously you want the guy to go on to do great things, to be a pass rusher and three-down lineman. You want him to have a long and productive career, and maybe Joyner’s opinion will hold more weight in the future if concerns about pounds and fitness materialize, but right now we’re just doing hypotheticals and what he’s talking about seems a little cheap and patronizing.

It starts about 14:00 in here if you wanna come to your own conclusions: