If the Phillies Win the World Series It Might Be Time to Buy Lots of Gold

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

401k down 10% from last year? Are you thinking about taking a bath on your investments or letting them ride? It just might be time to check out one of those cash for gold stores you see all over Philadelphia. Why? Because historically if the Phillies win the World Series the economy is heading towards the gutter:

The fortitude of your 4-for-4 fans during the playoffs will be put to the test. On one hand the Phillies are winning the World Series, on the other you’re paying $4 a gallon at the pump. It’ll be a harder daily decision than contemplating whether they need another MyPillow for the guest room in between segments of Tucker. I say suck it up. We’re going to have a Red October. Isn’t it worth it to see Bryce Harper win World Series MVP? Noted Phillies fan Joe Biden is tanking the economy so you can enjoy a parade. If anything we should be thanking him!

Let’s Go Brandon (Marsh)!