Casey Vitelli, who has been on top of the NBA City Edition jersey leaks since February, gave us an update.

He was able to compile every uniform “known” to be worn this year except for the Hornets, Clippers, and Sixers:

I generally think jersey leak reaction is typically overreaction, but this stinks:

The font is tiny, the “L” underlining the “Love” looks like it would be on the front cover of a steamy romance novel your mom is currently reading. The “21” looks like Times New Roman. I don’t know how they would put all this detail in the Boathouse Row and Spectrum jerseys and just mail it in on this one. I’m going to give the Sixers the benefit of the doubt and say these aren’t real. We’ve seen in the past how much attention to detail they put into these designs and the ensuing marketing around social, ticketing, and fan content.

Another jersey going around was this navy blue “Philly” jersey “per” Noah Levick:

Not only does it still have the StubHub patch, which doesn’t sponsor the Sixers any longer, it also didn’t come from Noah Levick. This was probably a mock up at one point that never saw the light of day:

UPDATE: It was not a fake. Well kind of, but according to Barstool Philly these are the City Edition jerseys for this season. The only thing different from the original leak is the “City of”:

First thoughts: these are the same as the “Seventy Sixers” jerseys from the 19-20 season are they not? The numbers look better than the leak. The “City of” is a nice touch. I’m sure a rational 4 for 4 guy isn’t going to freak out about the ‘B’ in “Brotherly” looking like the Red Sox ‘B’. My point still stands on the ‘L’. 7/10. Better than the Boathouse Row and Rocky sweatpants jerseys. But below the Spectrum, Seventy Sixers, and that beautiful cream colored one they did in 2017.