If You Wondered What Pat Burrell is up to Nowadays, The Machine is Hanging Out With Sean Payton and Wayne Gretzky

If you ever wonder what Pat Burrell is doing nowadays, he’s having breakfast, playing golf, and boating with Sean Payton and Wayne Gretzky at some sort of roundtable:

I love these guys doing this right AFTER Labor Day weekend. Summer is over? Sean Payton didn’t hear no bell. Summer is over for anyone with responsibilities. These guys are all retired with millions in the bank. Summer is over when they say it’s over. Parents everywhere are fighting with their kids to get on the bus for the first day of school. Other people are going back to work now that summer is over and the dream of remote work five days a week has fizzled. These guys are going to have breakfast, play 18, then go boating. They might hit up a steak dinner and a cigar bar. Pat’s going to break out The Machine outfit:

Everyone has their favorite party trick. Some people can name every president in order. Some think tying a cherry stem with your mouth is exotic. Pat the Bat just so happens to be dressing up in leather and hanging out with the guys.

I can’t believe “The Machine” interview is 12 years old. Do kids in college even remember “The Machine” interview? Do they even remember Pat Burrell? –