“Hey you’s guys! Go Iggles! HAIL SATAN!”

The Eagles, the Phillies since Wednesday, and satanists in Delco are all 2-0. Satanic Delco in an Instagram post won a decision to remove the ban on “satanic/cult references,” at Garnet Valley high school:



Pentagrams are the new Star of David! –

Listen, if other high school kids are allowed to parade around in cross chains, why shouldn’t the Satanists be able to wear Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue t-shirts? Don’t parents preach inclusivity nowadays? We’re not allowed to banish the kids at lunch with peanut and gluten allergies to the Island of Misfit Allergies table anymore. Why should we banish a couple kids that want to learn a little bit about Beelzebub.

Hell of a couple weeks for the Underworld! First the Queen now Delco. How long until the Devil rises out of the ground of a Delco Wawa and covers Henry Winkler in bees? –