It’s the 20th Anniversary of the “Quadrafecta”

via FanDuel video


Notes from this game:

  • the Eagles went down 7-0, then scored 28 unanswered points
  • Duuuuuuuuuuce Staley had a pair of one-yard touchdown runs
  • David Carr hit Corey Bradford twice for Houston scores
  • Carr was sacked seven times
  • Eagles sackers: Ike Reese, B Dawk, Hugh Douglas, Darwin Walker, Paul Grasmanis, Barry Gardner, Brandon Whiting
  • B Dawk had the second-most receiving yards for the Eagles in this game

This was prime Dawkins. He had five forced fumbles and three sacks that season. 95 tackles (five for loss). Two picks, 12 passes defended, etc. They were such a good defense under Jim Johnson during that era. It really was fun to watch.