Jalen Reagor’s Top Five Plays as a Philadelphia Eagle

screengrab from the broadcast

Jalen Reagor returns to Philadelphia on Monday night. Will the Eagles pull a Flyers and give him a video on the jumbotron? #ThankYouJalen

As such, we decided to celebrate his return by sharing his top five plays as a Bird. We didn’t try for six, but probably wouldn’t have been able to find six anyway.

(This is mostly a facetious shit post, so make sure the Breweries in PA guy is aware)


1) The punt return TD

Bang bang! Jalen Reagor TO THE HOUSE.

2) breaking the plane

His first NFL touchdown. First of many? Sadly, no.

3) the dagger

Stick a fork in the Falcons. Here comes Jalen Reagor with THE DAGGER

4) the 55 yarder

“Wentz has time, loads it up, going deep down the field for Jalen Reagor… he’s got it! A bomb to the rookie Reagor!”

5) the one-handed grab heard around the world, or at least on Twitter

Yes, I am putting a training camp highlight on this list. You got something better?