James Harden Says He Lost 100 Pounds in the Offseason

James Harden was asked how many pounds he lost in the offseason. He responded, “100 pounds. Tweet that.” –

A little icy on the first day between James and Keith Pompey! I love it! Kevin Kinkead better watch out down there. James Harden ain’t taking no shit.

Honestly though, is it me or does Harden look exactly the same from last year? –


One more thing –

I’m keeping the Sixers at bay this season. I’m not getting too high or too low. I’m tempering expectations. Right now, I have an undefeated Eagles team to worry about and I am not wasting energy on a team that hasn’t been past the second round in 20 seasons. For the last four years I have gotten my hopes up and my heart ripped out of my chest while Jayson Tatum, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Huerter, and Jimmy Butler play double dutch with my intestines. Yes, the Sixers are a better team now than they were last year, but they’re still banking on health and still have holes they need to plug. Including their head coach.

We do this every year. Scary? Maybe back in 2019: