Lions Fans Brawl Outside of Ford Field and NOT ONE Eagles Fan Was Involved

via @philip_lewis_ on Twitter

When you realize HBO polished a turd:

Losing to Jonathan Gannon’s trash-ass defensive scheme will do this to a person. One thing I want to point out, that I know the national media will conveniently forget, is not one Eagles fan was involved! That’s what we call progress folks! There was even a guy in an A.J. Brown jersey trying to break it up! –

This poor guy got the absolute worst of it:

Not many people sit on the ground contemplating life in the middle of a fight. This guy got ROCKED two seconds in and re-evaluated every decision he made up to that point. Beginning with why did his ancestors have to move to fucking Detroit, Michigan and force him into a life of Lions fandom.

This guy picking up his cowboy hat is the look of a broken man:

Up until that point in his mind, he thought he was the most badass dude all day. Deep down he knew the Cowboy hat looked stupid, but it’s week 1. You have to come out the gate firing. It didn’t occur to him that the hat was a bad choice until some Nike was trying to give him CTE.

This guy understands the moment. He loves the spotlight. Never a bad time for a jig. Even if you’re stepping on someone’s brain matter:

P.S. What is with the blue filter on this? This is the weirdest filter I’ve ever seen over a fight video and I lived through the prime of early YouTube.

UPDATE: I found two more fight videos from the Lions game Sunday and BOTH didn’t include Eagles fans. Eagles fans attended a perfect game:

Until I get video evidence that an Eagles fan actually chucked knucks and broke this guy’s nose we’re still calling this a perfect game.