If you’re still looking for ways to relive that Eagles win on Monday night, here’s something that will keep you fired up. Paul Allen, not the founder of Microsoft, but the Vikings play-by-play guy, went on a VSIN podcast in the summer and dropped this doozy of a quote:

“I look at the landscape of the NFC man. And I see that 16-1ish to get to the Super Bowl. And, um, I don’t understand how the Philadelphia Eagles…I mean the Philadelphia Eagles are 10-1 to get to the Super Bowl. We’re 16-1. I just don’t understand that. But, um, a lot of eyes will be opened the second game of the season when we go back there and whoop that ass.” 

Of course the play by play guys are a bunch of homers. I would expect Merrill Reese to do the exact same thing in that situation. But this makes the victory even sweeter. We are the Vikings’ daddy. We continue to pull their pants down and spank them every time we play in front of a national audience. We’re their biggest non-division rival and we don’t even think about them while they lose sleep at night. They didn’t learn in 2018, so we had to embarrass them again and take their silly little chant:

This Paul Allen dude seems like an animal! If he wasn’t talking shit about the Eagles he’d definitely be a guy to tie one on with at the racetrack and bet on some ponies. He has better losing calls than most announcers have game-winning ones. Every time he’s calling a Vikings loss, it sounds like he has his house on the game and he just got backdoor covered in the worst way possible: