Montrezl Harrell Says Sixers Have the Worst Arena and Jokic is Best Big Man in Traffic Stop Video

via TMZ

The bodycam footage from Montrezl Harrell’s traffic stop was released to TMZ. While they were searching Montrezl’s car and writing him a marijuana citation, the cops asked about LaMelo Ball, the best big man he played against, biggest prick in the NBA, and the worst stadium to play in:

Obviously he’s 0-1 on the Jokic retort, and I’m sure Joel Embiid will humble Trezz in practice, but I can’t agree more with his reasoning behind the Sixers. Holy shit is it cold. It can’t ever be higher than 60° in there. It’s the only place in the world where the closer you get to Earth’s core the more layers you need. Obviously they have to keep it at a certain temperature or we’ll be getting another Keith Pompey demonstration:

Hopefully 10 years from now we’ll have a beautiful, temperature-controlled arena that doesn’t have the same climate as a morgue.

P.S. Not a huge weed guy. Have never seen three pounds of weed and honestly I’m underwhelmed. I thought it would look more like that scene in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and less like three bags of Raisin Bran: