Nick Sirianni Showed a Clip of Kobe Bryant the Night Before the Eagles Won 24-8

via @eagles on Twitter

If you believe in signs from the universe and shit, it’s hard to comprehend there wasn’t something special in the air. Nick Sirianni likes to show the Eagles inspiring messages the night before games. On Saturday, he showed a new clip from the Redeem Team documentary about Kobe Bryant and being the ultimate competitor every second of the day:

The Eagles went out and won 24-8. The two jersey numbers Kobe wore during his NBA career. That’s a sign. That score hasn’t happened in almost 50 years:

It could’ve gotten even weirder. If the Eagles notched one more sack they would’ve had 10, which was Kobe’s number on Team USA. A lot of things are falling into place for the Birds. We’ve got a franchise QB, a top-six pick currently, two #1 wide receivers, and now we have dark forces from the afterlife on our side. The NFL is fucked!