People talking on speakerphone in public is an epidemic in Philly. Everywhere you go, someone is FaceTiming or talking on their speaker. The grocery store, SEPTA, brunch, everywhere. I used to think it probably happens in every major city at the same rate, but I was naive. We’re the worst in the country according to this survey done by Preply.

It ends now. Some people see a problem and just ignore it. Not me. I’m attacking it head on.

Introducing Biden Buds:

Remember the Obama Phone? It was a program to get financially-strapped Americans a cell phone. This is like that. Everyone has a phone now. Not everyone has AirPods. Problem solved. This is a bi-partisan issue that I think I can unite both sides with. I could probably become Mayor on this platform alone. Democrats and Republicans both hate people talking on their speakerphone in public. But I’m not dumb enough to think some Republican is going near Biden Buds with a 10 foot pole. He’ll read on Facebook that the government is using Biden Buds to track his thoughts and that kills the whole plan. That’s why we’ll also introduce a line for the other side of the aisle.

Brandon Buds:

Don’t ever say I’m not inclusive.

We talked about Philadelphia being named the rudest city in America here on Crossing Broadcast: