A new combatant enters the RADIO WARS fray:

(tweet now deleted)

If you missed it the other day, the John Kincade show had to pause momentarily and leave the building due to a fire drill. They were off the air for a short time and then came back, so that’s what Sileo is talking about.

What’s up with the attack though? Is it UNPROVOKED? There’s actually some history here.

The background is that Joe Bell once fired Dan Sileo, who currently hosts The National Football Show for JAKIB Media. This goes back 10 years, to when Bell, who is now the Beasley VP and Market Manager in Philadelphia, was doing the same gig in the Miami region. Sileo was one of his hosts on Sports Radio 560 WQAM, and was suspended and later canned for tweeting inappropriate things at Erin Andrews, which was documented by Awful Announcing at the time:

The most surprising thing about Sileo’s firing is that it didn’t come sooner. He was suspended in January for sending a series of inappropriate tweets to Erin Andrews for which he later apologized (sort of).

Sileo lost his former job at WDAE in Tampa for calling three NFL players “monkeys.”

His short stint at WQAM also included a rant against the Miami Hurricanes, a team for which Sileo played in the 80s. 

So it seems like there’s some residual beef here and Sileo decided to take a shot because he thinks Bell’s current product at the Fanatic stinks. I actually saw this tweet because a couple of 97.5 employees responded to it: