As you know, Angelo Cataldi is only working four days a week in 2022 as he approaches retirement at the end of the Eagles season.

He dropped two nuggets on Tuesday’s show, revealing that Ross Tucker will be getting a weekly role this fall, and also saying this, which is very interesting:

Ross Tucker replacing Angelo would have been a quality move if it happened, and getting him more involved now is good. We thought he would have been a solid partner for Glen Macnow on the weekends in the post-Ray Didinger era.

Ross is a very good local talent. Berks County guy. Shout out Reading and Boyertown, but not Oley. He reminds me kind of like Kyle Brandt, who was actually his college roommate at Princeton, if you can believe it. They’re both in their early 40s, former football players, just enthusiastic guys who know the sport and can talk about it with credibility. There’s no Negadelphia shtick, no play-acting, just solid football talk coming from those two guys.

I’ve always felt like Ross does a nice job with the Eagles preseason games and wondered why he’s not working full-time somewhere in this region in a bigger role. Maybe with him involved, they can do the Wednesday show from all of the exotic and bucolic Berks County locales. They can start with a live broadcast at Cabela’s, then week 3 we’re going live from the top floor of the Pagoda.