Some Notes for People Buying Sixers Tickets this Season

Let’s get it back to the NBA and the Philadelphia 76ers.

As you know, demand is very high your for team, your town, your Sixers. Season ticket prices increased for this season, skewed towards the people who sit on the floor and comprise the smallest portion of a STH base that most recently topped out around 14,000.

So last August, the Sixers announced that they were partnering with Ticketmaster, which coincides with a few changes. You will see the season ticket number drop in an effort to make available more individual, partial plan, and group tickets. 

As such:

  1. there will be a presale on Thursday for season ticket holders (Society 76 members)
  2. individual tickets for the general public go on sale Friday at 10 a.m.
  3. the “get in” price for these tickets is $26
  4. the team is adding theme nights this season (Marvel night, teacher appreciation, stuff like that)

One of the things that happened last year is because the Sixers had the largest season ticket holder base in the entire league, it shrunk inventory for individual and group tickets, and that resulted in those tix skyrocketing on the secondary market. Lots of demand, little supply. It seems like part of the change here, part of the Friday 10 a.m. starting point, is to let people get in on the ground floor and have at it before everything blows up and resale value balloons. If you go to the ticket page and click through, you’ll see this throughout the calendar:

There you have it. Friday 10 a.m. if you really want a specific game.