As you know, JAKIB Media launched an Eagles postgame show in 2021 and refurbished it this season, putting together a combination of Devan Kaney, Mike Missanelli, Seth Joyner, and Derrick Gunn. They’re going up against NBC Sports Philadelphia’s show, which features Michael Barkann, Barrett Brooks, Ron Jaworski, and Reuben Frank, a talent group that was reworked following Joyner’s departure and Ray Didinger’s retirement. Beyond that, you’ve got some other independent outlets, like Inside the Birds, doing their own thing as well.

Eagles postgame is an interesting “space” with a lot of options, so I thought it might be worthwhile to go over these new shows one at a time and share some observations about what we’re seeing. Maybe we’ll do one a week? Yeah, let’s do that, and let’s start with some notes about the new JAKIB Show, which is up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure:


  1. I didn’t expect Mikey Miss to intro the show. I thought Devan might be in the Barkann role, and kind of start it off, steer the conversation, etc, but she didn’t join the broadcast until about 45 minutes in. Technical problems? No idea. When she did appear, she was stationed in a separate area entirely, so not totally sure what that was all about.
  2. The setup looks really nice. That’s a legit desk with the JAKIB brand on the front. It looks professional, like something you’d see from one of the legacy TV stations. I’m not sure you can fit four people on it, so maybe that’s why they had Kaney across the way in a different spot.
  3. D Gunn is a total pro, obviously. And I know Seth Joyner isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but with him up there, there will be zero questions about homerism or going too soft with the analysis. You’ll get honest stuff from him, even if he gets cranky at times. Regardless, it felt like the talkwas pretty balanced, and there was existing chemistry between Gunn and Joyner.
  4. There were a ton of people walking around on the Casino floor, which to me gives the show a good atmosphere and vibe. You can hear reaction to the other games taking place, though seeing those TV screens at the top of the wide shot can be a bit distracting because there’s blurry motion and color in your periphery.
  5. Lane Johnson is a good get. You could see they were having some IFB issues (IFB is the ear piece that lets you hear the audio), but they’ll get the technical stuff worked out.
  6. John McMullen is a pragmatic Eagles voice, so he’s a good person to have on this show. Getting both him and Lane Johnson gives them a legit locker room presence, which has always been one of the things that made the NBCSP show good.
  7. The commercials? Good sponsors. They’ve got some car dealers, Marks Jewelers, Pond Lehocky, etc. Some of those are traditional sports radio advertisers, and they’re quality pulls. You also see on the bottom chyron there they have the advertiser brands, along with Oceans Casino, so there’s plenty of placement room on the lower third to work with.
  8. Keep in mind, the show is simulcasting on the Action News website, which is why you see those promos in there. They did the fancy press conference with Ducis, so that’s a good partner to have (I don’t know if the ABC sales department is involved with commercials or not, but I can ask around).
  9. As of publication, the stream had more than 20,000 views. That seems good. I don’t have NBCSP Nielsen numbers for a frame of reference, but that feels like a pretty strong number for week 1.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good show. The talent is definitely there. I liked the atmosphere and the graphics package, which was professional for an independent outlet going up against TV stations with superior technology and experience in this department. They’ll get the ear piece and camera shot issues ironed out.

If I’m putting on my TV producer hat, the one thing I’d absolutely change in week 2 is to scrap the double box shot with Kaney at the separate desk and put her on the main desk. Even if you have her and Seth hanging off either side, I think it’s probably better to squeeze them in there, roll the four-person desk, let her steer the convo, and let Mikey Miss and the other two guys do the bulk of the analysis. That would make it smoother I think. Get Devan more involved, simplify Mike’s role, and work from there.

Go Birds.