The Flyers Farm System Might Stink, but at Least We’ll Have Some Great Fighters

via @ReinerOlivia on Twitter

Here’s Flyers coach Chris Stewart teaching the young guys how to chuck knucks:

It’s kind of hilarious this is part of a team’s NHL dev camp. You get a peek inside NFL training camp with Hard Knocks and coaches are threatening players to not fight or they’ll be thrown out of practice. Here you’ve got top prospects, fourth-liners, and goons going over the proper way to clutch at a guy’s sweater. This was a voluntary session at the end of practice, according to Ian Laperriere:

Good idea. We don’t need Cutter or Egor Zamula getting knocked out because they’ve never been in a fight before. Wade Allison on the other hand was probably back in the locker room putting in his fantasy football lineup: