“They Can’t Fight,” Says Shady McCoy, Watching Bills/Rams Fan Dustup in the Middle of the Street

from Emmanuel Acho on Twitter

So this happened after the Bills hammered the Rams on Thursday night football:

Let’s break it down:

  1. Fighting in the middle of the street is a new one. These guys are really raising the stakes. Really upping the ante here. You not only have to dodge fists, but motor vehicles as well.
  2. The guy in the Stefon Diggs jersey throws the first punch. We’ll call him “Diggs” from here on out.
  3. Diggs is a coward. He slides backward after launching that right hand, then throws a weak, looping left hook at #23.
  4. #23 stumbles and knocks over his own guy. It’s friendly fire!
  5. The cop gets in there pretty quickly to defuse the situation.
  6. Camera pans to Shady McCoy.

Shady is right though. They can’t fight. That was one of the worst brawls I’ve ever seen. The fight starter threw his punch, backed up immediately, and then it looked like a couple of drunks just stumbling around.

Only in Philadelphia!