This is a Beautiful Tweet and Delete from Howard Eskin

Howard Eskin vs. technology (Photo Credit Nick Piccone)

Tuesday night, Barstool’s Pardon My Take Twitter account threw out a fake excerpt from a fake “Monday Morning Quarterback” type of column, and Howard “The King” Eskin fell for it, hook, like, and sinker:

Howard deleted the tweet, so we’ll give him some credit there. In years prior, it would have stayed up for hours, or even days, before he would realize he had been duped.

But yeah, Russell Wilson is not doing a type of recovery method that involves having a “minimally invasive procedure” so that he can add a 3 three-prong electric socket to his body. He is not sending 110 volt currents through nerves and muscles, but Howard, because he is super negative and has an agenda against all kinds of random people, probably skipped over that part entirely and went right to bashing Wilson instead:

“His last comment in this story shows how much it’s all about him. Pathetic.”

Amazing. Everybody gets duped at some point, but Howard is on a roll like nobody in Philadelphia sports has ever been on. In the last few years, he has:

  • called for the Sixers to trade MVP runner up Joel Embiid
  • said the Eagles should bring in Deshaun Watson, who wound up being suspended for 11 games
  • had Joe DeCamara hang up on him
  • fallen for a fake “Shack Shack” Joel Embiid tweet
  • confused Andrew McCutchen for 1970s NFL running back Lawrence McCutcheon
  • shared photos of him winning a cow milking contest at Veterans Stadium
  • gone after Cecily Tynan and “clueless meteorologists”
  • copied and pasted NFL Insider tweets

The King should just call it a career already. It’s been a great run man, but it’s time to hang ’em up. There’s a new generation of talking heads that are ready to carry the torch and “ask the hard questions” in a grandstanding fashion.