Jackie had some high blood sugar tonight to say the least 😂 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #vikings #minnesota #nfl #football #mondaynightfootball @Vikings @NFL

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This is the perfect Midwesterner. The accent, the Miller Lite mixed with Campbell’s tomato soup cocktail, and that kitchen that has had the same wood cabinetry and piss yellow wall since the 70s. In 10 weeks Jackie’s going to be under three feet of snow yelling about her Vikings as the Packers win another division title.

The Vikings and Eagles have been oddly linked since the 2017 season. Such a weird fanbase to make our latest enemy. You see videos like this and you just know they’re overmatched in any verbal sparring match with Eagles fans. You watch Giants fans break TVs or Cowboys fans try to fight their entire family at Thanksgiving and you know that’s a fair fight. Then you see this cute little old lady wanting to snuff Joe Buck out in his sleep with a pillow she personally crocheted and realize Vikings fans are harmless.

I was down at the tailgate filming some man on the street stuff Monday night and it wasn’t even fun trying to make fun of Vikings fans. I told one the Eagles are going to murder the Vikings and they replied with a “maybe, but we’ll see.” This isn’t a fair fight. The Eagles own the Vikings ever since LJ Smith fumbled and the ball landed in Freddie Mitchell’s hands in the 2004 playoffs: