The Flyers didn’t touch one puck during their first practice Thursday morning. Instead they just skated and skated and skated around in circles in some barbaric Torts style skating gauntlet:

Live look at Torts on day 1:

Anyone who has played sports and made it through their Hell Week understands the feeling Mason Millman was going through after that practice. The thought of, “is it worth it?” will creep through their mind once or twice during preseason:

And it ain’t getting any easier, according to Torts via Jordan Hall at NBCSPhilly:

“There’s going to be harder skates than today as we go through camp. It’s not to pound our chest and just bury them. We want to test them and it develops a camaraderie. They kind of look at you like, ‘You’re not going to get to me.’ I think that’s the attitude we’re trying to develop is a will.”

If this picture is a sign of what’s to come they better hire more medical staff:

I promise you that the Flyers moneyline the first five games of the season will net you a profit. They’re going to come out ready to play because they just went through the hardest camp of their careers. Other teams are going to ease into the season. You think the Devils, Canucks, Lightning, Panthers, or Preds are doing anything close to the death skate after an hour long scrimmage and 30 minutes of drills? Absolutely not! The boys are going to be in the best shape of their lives: