Turns Out the Guy Who Threw the Beer at Jalen Hurts Was an Eagles Fan

via @PatGallenCBS3 on Twitter

A lot was happening as Jalen Hurts was coming off the field Sunday. We had Big Dom holding up the new railing so this time it wouldn’t fall on our franchise QB, some guy threw a green rubber football to Jalen he misplayed, and then before he hit the tunnel a beer can almost clocks him in the dick! Everyone presumed it was some rogue Commies fan, jealous because his team doesn’t have a franchise QB:

Turns out it was an Eagles fan that just wanted to celebrate a win with Jalen:

We have separation:

Nothing wrong with this. This Eagles fan was just trying to celebrate being one of only two teams to remain undefeated. Remember Eagles fans giving Jason Kelce and Jordan Mailata beers after the Eagles game last year? –

Also, Jalen squats like 600lbs, so that beer hitting him in the quad is like you standing on the tracks when the Amtrak is barreling down:

Maybe we can make this a thing. Not the throwing beer at our players part, but the sharing a couple Bud Lights with them after the game.