Someone Needs Mandatory Geography Training (UPDATE)

Photo from Pete Hailey at NBCS Washington

EDIT – we all got played:

Okay well regardless, someone needs geography lessons. The bootleggers got it all wrong. Mandatory geography training for all bootleggers!


NFL Week 1 has finally arrived.

Let’s check in on the Commanders:

Man how do you screw that up? It’s Washington D.C., not the state of Washington. How many eyeballs saw these mugs before they went on the shelves? Outrageous!

Hailey later tweeted that the mugs were removed, so they’ll probably end up being donated somewhere. Maybe we can get our hands on some. The Washington Commanders mug with an outline of the state of Washington.

Hopefully this is some foreshadowing for what will be a trainwreck of a season for them. Go Birds.