Wawa Patron Wants to Know if Sandwich will be Finished While Store is Being Ransacked

image from @0le215 on Twitter

Congratulations are in order, because the Saturday night riot at the Mayfair Wawa has made international news!

Here’s what they wrote at The Daily Mail, which I’m told is a “shit rag”

A group of brazen brutes have been spotted ransacking a Wawa convenience store on Saturday night in Philadelphia’s Mayfair neighborhood.

Shocking footage from inside the stores shows employees staying behind a counter when a large group of what appeared to be mostly youths trashed the store, CBS reports.

‘You’re all stupid,’ one of the people behind the counter could be heard saying as the group cheers, twerks and cackles, throwing cans and bags into the air.

Anyway, the point of sharing this is because the video gave us a laugh out loud moment:

“uh… it’s gonna be a little while”

That made me laugh. Fair question, though? If this woman paid for the sandwich already, and is not responsible for the current riot, is she entitled to sandwich service or compensation? We’ll ask our lawyers and see what they say.

Hilarious video though. How long until Wawa pulls out of Philly entirely? We’ll ask Jim “I’ve completely checked out” Kenney at the next City Council meeting.