There’s been some social media discussion stemming from the end of Jalen Hurts’ Wednesday press conference. The context of this clip is that Hurts offered a few words about the Cardinals on his own, since he wasn’t asked about the upcoming game:

“Let’s not set the precedent for that”

I found this slightly corny, but not necessarily as a critique of Hurts. It was the portion of Twitter dorks who became aroused because their QB1 was “holding the media accountable” or some other such horse shit.

My take is that asking players about an upcoming opponent is mostly pointless, because you always get canned quotes in return. “We have to be ready. That’s a good football team.” Yeah no shit. It’s not like the other questions were amazing, but if I had to guess, that’s probably why he wasn’t asked about Arizona, because he wasn’t gonna say anything interesting anyway.

The midweek press conference itself is also kind of pointless, if we’re being honest. You never get amazing questions or answers on a Wednesday. Regardless, the Eagles beat is fine and those guys typically do good work. They don’t need pointers on how to do their jobs from Twitter randos.

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