“HE’S A DAWG!” – Nick Sirianni Talks Jalen Hurts on the Pat McAfee Show

via The Pat McAfee Show on YouTube

“HE’S A DAWG!” – Nick Sirianni:

Sirianni is such a dorky dad, but he’s our dorky dad. His messaging isn’t for every team, but the guys have bought in and that’s all that matters. And he knows that.

This was a great appearance on the Pat McAfee show. He talked about everything from giving Jason Kelce beer every offseason so he never retires, to the story of him getting a flower thrown at him after the Chargers loss last year:

We also might be getting some goal line carries from Jason Kelce in the future:

He also dodged the question of his favorite cheesesteak place and went with the Eagles’ cafeteria. He’s definitely a Geno’s or Pat’s guy, but there’s nothing wrong with that because I don’t cheesesteak shame. Eat whatever the hell you want to eat: