I Love this Astros Dancer Not Recognizing the Situation as Mattress Mack has $75 Million on the Line

via @br_betting on Twitter

Mattress Mack has $10 million on the Astros to win the World Series. That would net him $75 mil:

I don’t think I ever fully understood Mattress Mack’s grift. Doesn’t he hedge his bets with mattress deals or something? I don’t know. Regardless, this Astros dancer having no idea what the situation is and clapping right after J.T. Realmuto hit his go-ahead home run is hilarious. The realization as she turns to the other girl who told her to stop is great. Mattress Mack slowly slinking into his seat after JT Realmuto ruined his night is great. This guy is going for the largest sports gambling win of all time and he was fighting a two front war last night:

Can we get this kid next to Mattress Mack for Game 2?

I want him to earn this money. I want it to be a 12 -round knock down, drag out fight. Just keep throwing mongrel after mongrel at him. When he shows up too CBP we need two of the nastiest dudes from the Local 420 on each side of him.

You make sure, he remembers forever, the series he played the Phillies. Leave no doubt: