I saw this a couple weeks ago, but didn’t know it was the Chester JV football team. Still, after a couple weeks I don’t know how this kid caught this football after putting in his mouth guard mid-route:

How? How, Sway!? If this happened against someone in Madden the controller would be sticking out of the TV. That’s how much this catch doesn’t make any sense. Cory Hicks, the kid who made the catch, he told Aaron Carter at the Inky how it happened:

As I’m trying to go for it, the defender was holding my arm,” he said, “so then I tried to go for it with the other arm, and at that point the ball just fell in my hand and then I felt it on my bicep and I just kept going.

It got all the way to the You Got Mossed segment before Monday Night Football:


Speaking of Chester, I can’t write a blog about that school without talking about the cheerleaders. Do they still do the Chester train? That was awesome. I used to go to all of those Chester vs. Hatboro-Horsham games back in the day. Matt and Pat Carroll vs. Jameer Nelson was some of the best high school basketball this area has ever seen and those cheerleaders were ruthless. They used to stand under the basket and talk more shit than the players. I’m pretty sure I saw one kick a player when he slid into her after he got fouled. They probably retired her pom-poms.