Jalen Hurts was on the Manningcast Monday night with a message.

God Bless Whoever Hating on Me:

Let’s be honest; that interview was boring. They just never got in a groove because there were so many 3 and outs and commercial breaks. It doesn’t help that Jalen is a low talker and the game sound drowned out everything he said. That felt more like Jeff McLane and Zach Berman asking Jalen questions instead of Peyton and Eli. There were a couple moments that could’ve spiced up the interview, like Jason Kelce watching Jalen squat the same as him, but again the commercials killed all momentum. No problem. Because I know what Peyton was up to. He was poking around a little too much for my liking. There were a lot of probing questions about what tape Jalen watches or what he’d do on 2nd and Goal. It feels like Pat McAfee asked him to do that because his boy Rodgers is scared to face the Eagles in the NFC Championship.

In my opinion it was a really big deal for the city to have the QB on national TV. Kevin and I talked about it more on Crossing Broadcast:

P.S. I’m shocked nothing at the Crossing Broad Sportsbook hit. We’ll be refunding all bets within 24 hours: