Jon Heyman doesn’t think the Astros deserve our shit when they play in Philly, because the sign stealing scandal happened five years ago. He also mentions, in the second paragraph, that we booed Santa back in the day:

I almost feel sorry for the Astros. I said almost.

I know, I know, it’s not the easiest organization to work up a good cry for. But they are heading into Philly for Game 3 at one game apiece in the World Series, and you just know it’s going to get ugly.

Even in New York, where we are much more reasonable, we overdo it for the Astros. And don’t forget, this is the city that booed Santa Claus.

So let me get this straight –

We should forget about the sign stealing scandal from five years ago while Jon can’t forget about the time we booed Santa more than a half-century ago. Makes perfect sense. By the way, is there a protocol where every time a sportswriter talks about a team from Philly they have to mention that the fans once threw snow balls at a drunk Santa, who deserved it?

It’s as simple as this:

It didn’t matter who was coming here for Game 3. They would’ve gotten the same shit the Astros are going to get for the next three games. It just so happens Game 2 had a lot of extra-curricular activity going on. The whole Martin Maldonado bat situation and the thought that Framber Valdez looked like he had more sticky stuff on his palm than a 14 year old who just discovered YouJizz. So every single last joke and every single last chant tonight about cheating is justified. And that’s their own fault. It’s the same thing with the Patriots after Spygate. You cheat, it follows you forever. Even if you weren’t a part of it, like Heyman tries to make the case with Jose Altuve:

Anyway, let’s lay off the Astros now. I understand some folks are annoyed that their players technically went unpunished in the 2017 scandal in which an intricate cheating system was used leading up to the organization’s lone World Series championship. But it’s been five years. I’d say, considering culpability, their current players have taken enough abuse.

Take Jose Altuve for instance. He didn’t even partake in the cheating, and he’s booed like no one else. He specifically requested not to receive the pitch info gathered by nefarious means and relayed by banging on trash cans. (Yes, it’s true the whole episode was as unseemly as its sounds.)

He still knew about his team cheating, even if he didn’t want the signs relayed to him. It’s like knowing your teammates were juicing and turning a blind eye. You were still a part of it.

The good news is Phillies fans don’t give a shit what Jon Heyman thinks: