Well that postponement was a kick in the dick. Yeah, it helps the Phils pitching staff, but it still blows when you’re champing at the bit to get down there all day. I’ve been dreaming about a World Series game in CBP since last Sunday.

There is good news though. You’re probably on edge watching the Sixers because you have a lot of pent up aggression that was meant to be directed towards Jose Altuve and the Astros. You need somewhere to place it. Well, I’ve got the guy. This Dan Clark stinks. I don’t know who he is, but I know that I read two tweets and I don’t like him. He strikes me as a guy who’s heard only bad things about Phillies fans and has already made up his mind. Somehow, he saw the Justin Verlander video earlier Monday and came to the conclusion that a Philly fan threw a bottle at the Astros bus and smashed the window:

Deleted tweet from Dan

Who in their right mind, with a fully functioning brain, saw the video of Justin Verlander flipping off Phillies fans and thought someone threw something at their bus? –

I counted two cops and two security guards in just the 45 seconds there. There were probably 20 more within a block radius. Don’t you think the scene would’ve been a bit more chaotic than just a ballplayer and some Phillies fans busting balls back and forth if someone chucked something at the bus? I mean Verlander had the biggest smile on his face when he came off the bus:

He even tweeted that nobody broke the window:

I don’t know where Dan Clark grew up, but I know it wasn’t in the Northeast because everyone knows Academy buses are a piece of shit. Anyone who went to New York for their 8th grade field trip knows this. Most of the time the TVs don’t work, the AC is busted, or the bathrooms barely have running water. It doesn’t matter if you’re Mrs. Ford’s 6th grade class at Holy Martyr’s or the Houston Astros. Academy buses are always going to be a piece of shit.

P.S. This is why Elon Musk is charging $20/month for people who are verified. If you follow 30k people you shouldn’t be verified. If you have fewer followers than me you shouldn’t be verified. If you say you’re going to get a Manny Machado’s initials on your ass if the Padres beat the Dodgers and don’t pay up, you shouldn’t be verified: