This is how it’s done:

You can bitch and complain that you weren’t one of the 980k people who didn’t get a ticket, or you can be more like Nick’s Window Cleaning and PowerWashing and pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start offering one window cleaning in the spring and one window cleaning in the fall. This is a dude who’s itching for a taste of the Bank again. He knows when the ballpark is rocking in October there’s nothing like it. Look at this guy’s work. This court hasn’t been cleaned since the three point line was invented:

The Blessed Virgin Mary trusts him, so you should too:


This is the same house:

Just kidding.

But seriously if you’re looking to barter there are worse things to trade for than a couple power washings. That’s like a $1,200 value. Especially if you got your tix on the pre-sale and not the secondary market. Plus, just think of the brownie points you’ll get with the wife.